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Thunderbird 1 is the fast response vehicle used to co-ordinate rescue missions carried out by International Rescue.[N 1]

The primary role of Thunderbird 1 is often to simply get to the danger zone and scout around so that a rescue operation can be planned before the equipment needed arrives via Thunderbird 2.


Thunderbird 1 has a wide variety of gadgets at its disposal, including an Automatic Camera Detector, which can tell Scott immediately when someone is photographing the ship. It also has an electromagnetic beam used to wipe a forbidden photo or video of the ship.

Others include a Remote-Control Hover Camera, a megaphone, a magnetic grapple connected to a hawser cable, high-velocity spears/javelins, and a Sonar tracking system

In Atlantic Inferno it was piloted by Alan as Scott was in charge of International Rescue while Jeff was on holiday.

Thunderbird 1 Launch Sequence01:57

Thunderbird 1 Launch Sequence

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  1. The Thunderbirds 2086 version is designed for spaceflight, and therefore not eligible for this wiki as per inclusion prohibition #1.


  1. Fanderson

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