An Air Transport is a large flying Non-Humanoid Hunter Killer that transport humans to Skynet Work Camps. As a large VTOL-style craft, the transport is also capable of carrying a Harvester and at least two HK-Aerials.

Terminator SalvationEdit

After capturing by a Harvester boarding on the Transport, Kyle Reese and Star are put into the Transport. Marcus Wright tried to save them by smashing its wall with an axe but failed because he was stopped by the Harvester.

Later, the Transport released two HK-Aerials to pursue two Resistance A-10 Thunderbolt II piloted by Blair Williams and her co-flyer.


  • In the comic Terminator Salvation: Movie Preview, the Transport is shown to be a variant of the HK-Aerial featured in the Future War scenes in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. The only difference being its lack of weapons and removal of the rear engine.
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